Painting Services

New World Painting, LLC specializes in interior and exterior house painting.  Each project includes the following services:

Exterior Painting Projects

  • Power-washing of exterior surfaces with bleach or other appropriate cleansers to remove stains, mildew and dirt from exterior surfaces
  • Scraping of loose and/or peeling paint
  • Sanding of rough surfaces as necessary
  • Application of primer to exposed wood surfaces where needed
  • Repair of damaged wood and surface blemishes as necessary
  • Care of plants and exterior foliage and shrubbery

Example Exterior Image

Interior Painting Projects

  • Use of drop clothes to protect your furniture and floor coverings
  • Drywall repair of nail pops, cracks and minor nicks and dents
  • Removal of curtain and blind fixtures and re-installation upon completion
  • Removal of electrical plates and re-installation upon completion
  • Wall preparation iincludes sanding, priming and spackling where needed
  • Caulk will be applied where necessary
  • We end each work day with an organization and minor cleaning of the work area to ensure as little disruption to your home as possible
  • Each project is completed with a more thorough cleaning of the work area

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